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the saged sun - rebranding for a spiritual, art etsy shop

I opened The Saged Sun in 2020 and I thought that it was time for a branding revamp.

Step 1: Inspiration

The inspiration for this brand is where vintage -specifically the 1970's- meets spirituality. It is inspired by the sun and warmth.

saged sun on cardboard_edited.jpg

I drew inspiration from a multitude of areas such as tarot, interior design, and color psychology.

Step 2: Ideation

Since 2020, I have immensely grown as a designer both in principle and in design skill. At one point I thought that my old materials were effective, but looking back on them I was eager to create something that speaks to my current style and abilities. I love seeing the growth and I know that as an artist I will forever continue to evolve! I noticed the things that I love: the colors and circle center. I knew I wanted to keep those elements, while changing the aspects I thought could improve. 


Even though I obviously know this company well, I went back to the drawing board and practiced an ideation exercise where I listed adjectives and descriptives that could help me reach my goal. It's always a good idea to go back to your mission and goals no matter where you are in the process. Like I always do, I started out in my sketchbook and then brought my ideas into Illustrator. I mocked up a few of my ideas and iterations of them, ultimately landing on one of the versions. 


Initial Illustrator mockups

New, earthtone-inspired palette

My old logo from 2020

My sketchbook exercise

Step 3: Finalization

Here are some ways that this branding can be and will be used. 

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