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sophia brown architect - modern, LA based architect

I designed an architecture website for an LA based architect.

Step 1: Inspiration

The goal was always to make this website as cool and modern as I possibly could. I took inspiration from minimalism, neo-expressionism, and modern design. I also kept mentally coming back to the campaign style of Urban Outfitters. A reminder that inspo isn't always directly related!

You may be asking why a clothing line as inspiration for an architecture website? The answer is that I saw the energy I wanted. I loved the perspectives, muted palettes, and minimalist bend. They sell a lot of furniture that looks like it would live in the world of this architect. This company also screams LA to me. 

As far as other inspiration, I turned mainly to editorial and interior design. I've been in love with the trends of disappearing text and negative space so I was ecstatic that it fit so perfectly into this project!

Step 2: Ideation

I knew that I wanted to use images that showed the architectural range of the architect. Because of this I balanced curved lines with straight lines. The typography is thin to exhibit simplicity while bringing focus to the imagery. I found the stroked headers to match the geometric nature of the architecture well. 

Step 3: Finalization

It's on-trend while highlighting the architecture. 


The original images, unedited

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