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poblano's -  happy hour ad for trendy mexican restaurant

I designed a happy hour ad for Mexican restaurant, Poblanos. I centered my design around the bright, fresh colors of citrus. I made sure to make the design feel like they have the trendiest happy hour around town.  Below I will take you through pieces of my creative process.

Step 1: Inspiration

I started with an image of a drink that I felt showcased the types of drinks that would be included in this happy hour. In terms of design, I was inspired by citrus and colors that are both energizing and refreshing. I then researched modern Mexican restaurant interiors. 

happy hour temp mockup_edited.jpg
Step 2: Ideation

The first thing I did was assess the source image. I wondered what it would look like to only focus on the center glass while saturating the colors in the picture. I cropped the image in a way that gave interesting composition and contrast. I turned the geometric shapes modern Mexican restaurants so frequently use into a unique texture.

mexican austin_edited.jpg

Original source image

Initial edits

Step 3: Finalization
happy hour temp mockup_edited.jpg

This is what I ended up with at the end of my process. Colorful, trendy, AND fresh.

happy hour temp mockup_edited_edited.jpg
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