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mr. misster - popular Dallas gay bar

I was commissioned by Dallas bar, Mr, Misster to create an event advertisement that partnered with The Help Center, Live Nation, The Lorenzo, Red Bull, and Absolut.

Step 1: Inspiration

Neon was always the client's vision from the beginning. The Pride concept was added a little bit later when they decided to host this event around the dates of Dallas Pride weekend. We found a way to combine neon and pride colors together. They wanted the flyer to be bright, colorful, and loud. I was so excited to take on something new.


Nightlife is not typically where I design, so I took looked at this project as a fun, rewarding challenge. I knew that I had to make something that captured the feel of the bar and the fun of the event. I also had to figure out where elements of my style fit into that of nightlife advertising. Typically advertisements for nightlife are really bold, loud, and busy.  I wanted to scale back the busyness a bit, but keep it louder than I would normally design.

pride ball new.jpg
Step 2: Ideation

Like I previously mentioned, I went into this project knowing it wasn't where I "comfortably" design. It took many little edits to get to the final product, but it was helpful that the bar and I had many meetings about the design and marketing of this event. This is my earliest digital draft, and you can see how much it was refined and changed to get to the final product.

Early draft before edits and sponsors

Step 3: Finalization
misster 2.jpg

The final edits brought life and dimension to the ad. These were posted all over Dallas and social media to boost awareness. The event ended up being a smashing success, with high attendance, sales, and donations to The Help Center. It was so successful that they are planning many more events like this one in the future!

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